Like any other printer, canon printers also follow some protocols, in terms of setup & installation. If you don’t follow these protocols, it will lead to in a failed attempt & printer won’t respond to your commands. Canon Printers also has some access points, like any other wireless router. These access points feature an automatic connection button or A WPS Setup. This particular portal offers a user the authority to connect to your home network, without any password. If you want an instant Canon printer setup, WPS button will serve you the same quick setup. Or if WPS support is not accessible, still there are other methods available. These methods can still, establish connection & complete the Canon Wireless Printer Setup. So, today, we are going to teach you all, how to setup your canon wireless printer, instantly & effectively. We are taking an example of setting up the Canon printer on windows. Let’s start the Process now.

How to Prepare Canon Wireless Printer to Install?

  • Canon printer requires Ethernet Connection, to access the internet. So, arrange an Ethernet cable & plug Canon printer into your present router.
  • Check, if you canon wireless printer has any installation software.
  • Just before, you start setting up the Canon wireless printer, keep handy its password. Now, Switch on your printer.
  • Put the Setup CD and download the Canon printer setup & run the printer setup.
  • Now, select your country and Click on the terms and conditions.
  • Next, you can choose whether you wish to setup the Canon printer, via wireless setup or wired. Go ahead and choose the options, you wish to select.
  • Afterward, a window will display and ask you to provide, network name and password.

Canon Wireless Printer Setup Steps

Make sure your computer is on the same network, on which your printer is. It is important for both the devices to stay connected to the same network. As your printer has to receive a command from your computer. Or if you know, they both are on different networks simply modify, your computer’s Wi-Fi network prior setup.

  • Click on Start logo, mention on at the left corner of your Computer screen.
  • Open settings, placed at the lower-left side of the computer screen.
  • Now, click the devices option.
  • Next, hit the Printers & scanners option.
  • To add your printer, click on the Add a printer or scanner option.
  • Can you see your canon printer name? If yes, click on the name.
  • If possible, try to install your printer with a USB cable.

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