If you are looking forward to having a printer, which can offer, best-in-class print speeds then go for canon wireless printer? Canon printers are quite famous for their high-quality productivity, for both graphic & text. Canon has a range of printers which are best at print quality, features & durability. So, we can say, you can expect speedy printing & faster-than-average photo printing, from canon wireless printer. Or if we talk about canon wireless printer setup, it is instant & easy, which a new user can also perform. So, if you are looking forward to setup your canon wireless printer, then do follow the steps, which we will provide to you. We are here with effective steps, which will assist you to attach & setup a Canon wireless printer on your computer. We will start now with the installation of the canon wireless printer. Let’s get started now.

How to Prepare Canon Wireless Printer for Installation?

  • Once you plugged in your Canon wireless printer, into the router, check once more time, if it is plugged in properly.
  • If, printer, requires Ethernet connection, to access the internet, then use an Ethernet cable, to plug printer to the router.
  • Check if there is software or setup CD with the printer? If yes, Run the CD, before starting up canon wireless printer setup.
  • Next, connect your Printer to the internet. To connect your printer to the internet, choose a wifi network & provide the password. Choose the printer manual from the official website & Click Printers or search printer model no.
  • You need to ensure, your computer is on the same network, on which your printer is.

Canon Wireless Printer Setup Steps

  • First, go your computer desktop & next click on the button Start.
  • Now, you need to explore the Settings.
  • Next, tick the Devices Option.
  • After that hit the option Printer & scanners.
  • Click the option Add a printer or scanner.
  • Hit on your Printer name, which can be printer model, you are using.
  • Let’s suppose, you don’t get your printer listed, try installing the Canon Wireless Printer Setup, via USB cable.

Troubleshoot Canon Wireless Printer Setup Issues

What If your Machine didn’t get detected On the Network?

If you are trying to setup your Canon wireless printer, you may face issue; machine didn’t get detected on the Network. To resolve this issue, try below-given steps.

  • You need to confirm the network settings; prior you try to detect your machine, one more time.
  • Or else ensure your machine is Turned On.
  • Ensure network device is turned On.

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