A Printer is an important part of our daily lives. The Printers have enhanced the productivity & quality of our daily documentation process. They are quick to load and can be setup via any device, e.g. Computer, Mac, Smartphone, tablet & many more devices. Nowadays printers like the Canon printers, have become so advanced that they offer mobility while printing. It means now we don’t need to stick at the same place for printing documents. A Canon printer not only  prints documents, but also print colored images, fax & scan documents. Now the question is, which printer is ideal for our office and home? There are many printer which can suit your office and office printing requirement. However, if we talk about budget & user-friendly printers, no one can beat a Canon printer. Canon is a well-known printer brand, and this is because a Canon printer offers various features that are hard to find in a budget & user-friendly printer. The best thing about Canon printer is its instant Canon Wireless Printer Setup Process. We will also discuss today, how to set up a Canon Printer? So without further delay, let us provide you the steps of Canon printer setup.

How to Prepare a Canon Printer for Installation?

  • First, check what type of a Canon printer you have? Does it require an Ethernet connection, to access the internet?  If yes, make use of an Ethernet cable and plug in the printer into your current router.
  • Now check, if your canon printer requires any installation software or CD? Well, if your Canon printer came with a Setup CD, chances are  that you need to insert the Setup CD into your computer.
  • Installation program will start, before the Canon printer setup will begin. Next, follow the on-screen instructions. In case, you are using a MAC for setting up the Canon printer, you will require an external CD reader.
  • Next, connect your Canon printer to the internet. To ensure internet connectivity, make use of the LCD panel of the Canon printer. Choose the wireless network & enter the password by entering it into the Canon printer’s LCD panel.
  • Subsequently, ensure canon printer & a computer is on the same network. This will help your printer to receive instructions from your PC. So, make sure both the devices are connected to the same network. You can change the wireless setting of your device if it is on a different network.

Install Canon Printer on Windows

  • Click on the Window Logo & tap the Start button.
  • Next, click the Setting bar.
  • Now, click on the Devices Option located at the top of the settings window.
  • After this, click the Printers & Scanners.

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